MENLO PARK, CALIF. (October 4, 2022) — One Concern, a resilience analytics technology company, launched today two new products in Japan, One Concern DNA™ and One Concern Domino™, to help companies and organizations adapt to the escalating threats related to natural disasters, climate change, and extreme events to build climate resilience.

As the impact of disasters and extreme weather events continue to worsen, the consequences of climate change are becoming more apparent, and as announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism the risk of large-scale earthquakes (Nankai Trough Mega Earthquake and Tokyo Inland Earthquake) is also increasing. While the world continues to evolve, many companies face challenges in assessing their physical climate risk exposure, particularly as it relates to the risk of failing infrastructure impacting their business operations. One Concern enables companies to clearly visualize and better understand how natural disasters, extreme events and climate risk will impact critical infrastructure such as power grids, transportation networks, and local communities. One Concern can help businesses uncover hidden risks, allowing them to measure, mitigate and transfer those risks.

“There’s a global movement for measuring and reporting physical climate risk,” said Ahmad Wani, CEO and Co-founder, One Concern. “For the first time ever, One Concern is able to link physical risk with financial risk, allowing for greater financial transparency in public markets. We’re taking a data-driven approach to creating a consistent, comparable metric that becomes the de facto global standard for measuring resilience and unlocking a new category for resilient solutions.”

“At Verdantix, we are seeing the market for physical climate risk solutions rise along with adverse climate impacts and the regulations to address them,” said Maya Hilmi, Net Zero and Climate Risk Analyst at Verdantix. “Solutions like that of One Concern can help companies understand how physical climate risks translate to financial reporting, which informs companies’ ESG and TCFD disclosures and improves their climate resilience.”

One Concern DNA

One Concern DNA™ is the combination of resilience data and analytics for climate change and natural disasters. In Japan alone, One Concern has collected, curated, and analyzed trillions of data points to create our digital twin, including data on 39 million buildings, 5,000 power substations, 116,000 roads, and 54 airports. Data that are difficult to obtain are supplemented using ground truth and machine learning. One Concern offers a series of resilience statistics and metrics in addition to our curated datasets to help companies and organizations interpret the risk vulnerability of prospective and owned assets and make effective plans to mitigate and transfer related risks. 

One Concern Domino

One Concern Domino™ is a resilience analysis tool for companies and organizations. The complete digital twin reflecting both natural and built environments allows you to see the impact of hazards not only on individual assets, but the infrastructure they depend on to function, such as power grids, roads, and airports. With Domino, users can see which infrastructure will fail first in the event of a natural disaster, and how long their businesses will remain inoperable. Domino’s precise downtime insights enable business owners to take action to reduce their exposure through improved risk selection, mitigation, pricing, and transfer.

DNA provides Domino with curated data and resilience benchmarks enabling companies and organizations to compare resilience performance data of various assets.

About One Concern

One Concern is a resilience analytics technology company building the digital infrastructure of the physical world. We map, analyze and monitor the world’s built environment and its connection to the global economy. Our mission is to make disasters less disastrous.

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